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Burn Scar Massage Therapy

Burn survivors undergo extensive treatment for their burns while in the hospital. However, after release from the hospital, post-treatment care typically consists of outpatient wound care, pharmaceutical pain management, and physical therapy. Pediatric burn survivors are especially vulnerable to pain and disfigurement due to physical growth of their bodies and scars as well as the emotional turmoil of burn recovery. In addition, according to the American Burn Association web site, many survivors come from economically depressed populations living at or below the poverty line with little or no access to health insurance to support this lifelong recovery process.
Studies have already shown that massage therapy can improve mobility, decrease pruritus, improve skin status and assist in the overall recovery process for burn survivors. Massage assists in recovery by increasing blood flow, softening tissues, releasing scar tissue, and improving lymph drainage in the scarred tissue.
Current research on burn-related scar tissue indicates that massage is effective in increasing mobility of previously immobile or restricted tissue. While there has not been a conclusive study on massage and mobility, early studies have been promising.  Additional research recommends massage as part of an optimal scar modification technique.
There is a clear and consistent relationship between the effects and benefits of massage therapy and burn recovery. The importance of touch to recovering burn survivors cannot be overestimated. Over ten years of research has shown the importance and relevance of therapeutic massage for burn scars. Research has indicated not just psychological benefits but reduction in pruritus, improvement in range of motion, and significant reduction in pain.

Owner of Therapeutic Healing Clinic Rose Pearson CMT  has taken the necessary steps and are now offering burn survivors local therapeutic massage with their burn scars. 

Please contact Rose to schedule an appointment or to just get more information.